Earn with our Affiliate Program

At UniPayment, we aim to make crypto payments a new normal. You can be part of this revolution and new-age adoption by joining our affiliate program and earning simultaneously. Here is how!


1- Apply

Register to get fast and seamless onboarding and prioritized support from our team.


2- Promote

You can either share your referral link or add the banners on your website.


3- Earn

You get paid a fixed commission on every transaction made by your affiliates.

Affiliate levels Merchant turnover Rewards
1 0.0 - 5.0BTC 0.1 % per transaction
2 5.0 - 15.0BTC 0.15 % per transaction
3 15.0 - 30.0BTC 0.18 % per transaction
4 30.0 - 1000.0BTC 0.2 % per transaction

Commission rate up to 20%

Long-term & stable

Easy maintenance