Developer-friendly New-age Crypto Payment Gateway API

Let your clients usher into the new digital era by integrating this simple and secure Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway. UniPayment provides a B2B payment gateway and a number of products for our merchants and developers for their unparalleled experience.

SDK- a Complete Solution

UniPayment offers comprehensive and easy to understand resources for developers to integrate the payment gateway on their client’s web portal. The developers can quickly set up our flexible and straightforward crypto payment processor with SDK. The B2B payment gateway integration can be tested on a Sandbox environment or directly on live mode. For any additional support on using the crypto payment gateway API, you can always connect with our professional team.

python example

Supported Plugins

Here, you can find the list of all the CMS supported by UniPayment. The developers can download the plugin and install it with a few clicks. If you did not find a plugin for your preferred CMS or if it is not compatible with the CMS version you are using, please write back to us.


Multiple Invoice Templates

UniPayment offers multiple options for invoice and checkout pages. Aside from the easy-to-integrate crypto payment gateway API, we provide sleek to comprehensively designed invoice and checkout pages- the developers can select the most suitable option that is in line with the requirements. Using our B2B payment gateway merchants can track and manage all the orders and invoices from the user-friendly dashboard of UniPayment.